Debugging Your Brain

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Your Brain
psychology techniques to rewire your brain
using software development metaphors
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“Someone wrote
the documentation
I actually needed!"
— Sean Perkins, Software Developer
What makes this Book unique?

Psychology and
Software Development

A venn diagram of the overlap of psychology and software development. In the intersection is sparkles, labeled "magic."

The author Casey brings together his two backgrounds in this book: Neuroscience at Yale University and working in tech for 10+ years.

You'll learn psychology concepts like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) via software development metaphors.

Keynote at The PERL Conference 2019
this talk covers many of the psychology techniques from the book

What does the book cover?

Modeling The Brain

A discrete mental model of how your mind works, especially around thoughts and emotions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

An overview of the most commonly used talk therapy, and how it relates to other concepts.

Managing The Backlog

People process challenging experiences through four stages: Aware, Articulated, Validated, and Resolved.

Introspection & Identifying Inputs

How to get into a mental state to effectively work with your thoughts and feelings. Identify several specific types of inputs to your brain.

Experience Processing & Validation

Principles and techniques you can use to more deeply understand your experiences, and validate them with others.

Cognitive Restructuring / Refactoring

The most common unhelpful thought patterns, and how to counter them.
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A Cohesive Framework

"The author is very good at setting up each new idea, explaining the concept, and incorporating how it fits into the larger picture."

– Amazon reviewer N. Wolfe


Grounded in Psychology

"I’ve been going to therapy for a while, but sometimes I am not always aware of the 'why' behind the techniques my doctors suggest. This book has helped me understand the 'why'!"

– Reviewer Erin B.


Practical Techniques

"He gives these techniques names that make them easy to implement and remember."

– Goodreads Reviewer Abi O.



"I like how easy it is to understand. With the brain being so complex, I didn't expect this."

– Amazon reviewer Bobear



"I see this book as something to have in my back-pocket."

– Amazon reviewer A. Gillam



"The author's lighthearted and relatable way of writing makes it an enjoyable read."

– Reviewer Melissa M.

Kirkus Reviews

A worthy, tightly organized, and intriguing program for rethinking thinking.
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